Home Purchase Inspections

A home inspection should be performed on every home when it is being purchased, whether or not there is bank financing involved.  A purchaser cannot really evaluate the technical systems and the functional components of a home in a half-hour “whirl” around the house with a real estate agent! Even in a cash deal, just because you don’t need to do an inspection, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do an inspection!

Everything and anything that needs repair is a hidden cost of the home that becomes not so hidden once the home is purchased. Alpha will make sure that you know the hidden expenses prior to your purchase so that you can negotiate the cost of your home appropriately.

During a typical Home Inspection, Alpha will evaluate over 300 components of the major systems of your future home.  Those systems include:

    • Grading and Landscaping: Proper sloping for drainage of the lot, landscaping that will not affect the home.
    • Exterior: Cracks or mars on the exterior of the home, proper paint and caulk placement, widows and their installation, wall penetration seals, outside electrical outlets.
    • Roof: The roof is assessed for the condition of the tiles or shingles, proper flashings, sealed penetrations, functional means of shedding water off the roof and away from the structure, adequate venting. 
    • Attic: Attic is checked for adequate insulation and leaked roofs, damaged trusses, consistent wall to roof attachments, etc.
    • Interior: Floors, walls, and ceilings are checked for signs of any leaking.  Windows and doors are checked for function as well as security.  Cabinetry is assessed for “square”.
    • Stairs: We will assess the construction of the stairs for general design and safety.  Included in that will be the landings, the rail construction as well as the stair steps themselves.
    • Plumbing: We will assess the materials used for the plumbing throughout the home, for both water and gas.  We will assess the water heating system, the major shut-off components, and each of the faucets in the home.  We will also evaluate the showers, tubs, and toilets.  And finally, we will look at all of the venting systems and waste systems associated with the plumbing.
    • Electrical: We will assess the electrical service to the home and the main service panel itself.  We will assess the circuitry that delivers power throughout the home.  We will review all electrical safety devices that should be included (like AFCI, GFCI, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors).
    • HVAC: We will assess the condition and installation of the heating system, the cooling system, and the controls for them.  We will evaluate the venting, the ductwork, system intakes, and their overall function.
    • Appliances: We will also assess the condition of your new appliances including the range, ovens, hoods, microwave, refrigerators, freezers, disposals, trash compactors, wine refrigerators, etc.
    • Decks and Balconies: The decks and balconies will be assessed for how they were constructed and their safety.   Safety is of particular concern on these elevated platforms.
    • Pools: We will also assess the condition of the surface materials of the pool, the safety features, the plumbing and the electrical specific to the pool.
    • Fireplaces:  Solid fuel (wood, coal, pellets, other), electric, or gas, we will evaluate the accessible parts of the fireplace including the firebox, the hearths, the lintel, the mantle, the damper, and the exterior of the chimney itself.
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