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Alpha can provide inspections of commercial property, including anything from warehouses to commercial buildings, and from single unit/occupants to multiple units/occupants.  Alpha can provide services from evaluating the property for a real estate transaction, to evaluating the property for potential or actual contamination.  Like a traditional inspection for a home, Alpha will inspect the following:

    • Grading and Landscaping:  Proper sloping for drainage of the lot, landscaping that will not affect the structure(s).
    • Exterior:  Cracks, mars, or rust on the exterior of the structure, proper paint and caulk placement, widows and their installation, wall penetration seals, outside electrical outlets.
    • Roof:  The roof is assessed for the condition of the tiles, shingles, or sheets, proper flashings, sealed penetrations, functional means of shedding water off the roof and away from the structure, adequate venting. 
  • Attic:  Attic, if there is one, is checked for adequate insulation and leaked roofs, damaged trusses, consistent wall to roof attachments, etc.
  • Interior:  Floors, walls, and ceilings are checked for signs of any leaking and significant settling.  Windows and doors are checked for function as well as security.
  • Stairs:  We will assess the construction of the stairs for general design and safety.  Included in that will be the landings, the rail construction as well as the stair steps themselves.
  • Plumbing:  We will assess the materials used for the plumbing throughout the property, for both water and gas.  We will assess the water heating system(s), the major shut-off components, and each of the faucets in the structure.  We will also evaluate the showers, tubs, and toilets.  And finally, we will look at all of the venting systems and waste systems associated with the plumbing.
  • Electrical:  We will assess the electrical service to the property and to each of the units.  We will assess the circuitry that delivers power throughout the structure.  We will review all electrical safety devices that should be included (like AFCI, GFCI, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors).
  • HVAC:  We will assess the condition and installation of the heating system, the cooling system, and the controls for them.  We will evaluate the venting, the ductwork, system intakes, and their overall function.
  • Decks and Balconies:  Any decks or balconies will be assessed for how they were constructed and their safety.   Safety is of particular concern on these elevated platforms.
  • Potential Environmental Concerns:  Alpha has 30 years of environmental engineering background and will perform a cursory evaluation for potential environmental concerns associated with the property.  A gross examination for potential contaminant releases will be performed to determine if additional evaluation should be considered as part of the transaction. 

Get Trusted Commercial Property Inspection Services in Sarasota FL

Alpha Home Inspections are thorough. When we look at a house, we consider the following factors:

Structure Exterior materials and condition, entrances (windows and doors), and any exterior penetrations

  • Roofing: The materials used and the structure of the roof. Seals around penetrations, as well as flashing where necessary.
  • Electrical: The type of service, the integrity of the service panel, the circuit distribution, and the installed safety equipment.
  • Interior: The state of the floors, walls, and roofs. The detection of leaks from behind the ceilings and walls.
  • Stairs: The design and construction of the stairs, as well as the safety issues associated with the stairs.
  • Insulation and Ventilation: We will evaluate the home’s insulation as well as the ventilation of the attic spaces.

Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and reliable information so that you can make the best decisions when purchasing your next home or commercial property.

Choose Experienced Commercial Inspection Services in Sarasota FL

Why should you choose Alpha Home Inspection Services?

  • Knowledge: I have 30 years of experience in engineering construction. I’ve always been in charge of construction projects. For inspection and reporting procedures, I’ve developed several industries. I’ve trained and mentored dozens of junior and senior engineers for the same purpose. Every inspection I conduct includes engineering discipline, logic, and observation.
  • Reporting – Following each inspection, I will provide you with a report. It will be written in simple language. It will provide visual cues to help you focus on what is important and avoid getting lost in the game.
  • Networking: I’ll rarely see something I’ve not seen before. I am quick to seek confirmations from a network of other inspectors whose opinions are respected in their industry.

Alpha Home Inspection Services is more than just an inspection company. We are a member of the Home Inspection industry. So, contact us today for our Experienced Commercial Inspection Services in Sarasota FL.

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