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Alpha Home Inspection Services was developed after 30 years of engineering, inspection, and construction work in fields ranging from residential construction to roads to drilling pads to retention basins, and inspections from residential work to oilfields to commercial and heavy industry facilities. I have have owned and operated in-constructing testing firms as well as managed disaster and emergency home renovations. I bring that knowledge and experience to every home I inspect. It is my goal to provide you the most reliable and relevant information possible for you to make the best decisions when buying your next home or commercial property.

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Why Choose Us

  • We have conducted construction and inspection services for over 30 years.  Our experience includes both engineering and inspection of structural, electrical, and plumbing projects.  And of course, we have conducted inspection services during construction, after construction is complete, as well as forensic inspections after there have been system failures.  In addition, we have managed home restoration work on a large scale, including hundreds of homes after system failures.
  • Our inspectors are all licensed by the State of Florida and properly insured.  Our inspectors are also active members with FABI, the Florida Association of Building Inspectors, and InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
  • Our experience and expertise allows us to provide you with the information that you need to make the best decisions.

The services we provide

  • Pre-purchase Home Inspections:  A home inspection should be performed on every home when it is being purchased, whether or not there is bank financing involved. A purchaser can not really evaluate the technical systems and the functional components of a home in a half-hour “whirl” around the house with a real estate agent!  Even in a cash deal, just because you don’t need to do an inspection, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do an inspection.
    Everything and anything that needs repair is a hidden cost to the home that becomes not so hidden once the home is purchased.  Alpha will make sure that you know the hidden expenses prior to your purchase so that you can negotiate the cost of your home appropriately.
  • 4-point inspections:  4-point inspection of a home is an insurance-driven inspection that looks at the four major systems of the home:-
    • Roofing system (surface and structural)
    • Electrical system
    • Plumbing system (both water and gas)
    • HVAC system(s)
  • Wind Mitigation:  Wind mitigation inspection is used by the insurance company to evaluate the roof’s ability to protect the home in conditions associated with tropical storms and hurricanes; i.e., heavy winds and rain! The inspection looks at the shape of the roof, the condition of the roofing material, the seals of the roof penetrations, how the surface materials are attached to the roof deck, how the deck is attached to the structural support, and then how the entire roof structure is attached to the home.
  • 11-Month inspection:  These inspections are done for the home owner to provide a professional eye to inspect all of the systems of the home, as well as many other factors from site drainage to signs of interior leaking. This inspection helps both the homeowner and the constructor by providing the homeowner a list of those things that he can expect to be corrected under his warranty, and an organized list for the constructor to make his repairs in the quickest and most effective manner possible. It is a win/win for the homeowner and the constructor of the home.
  • In-Construction Inspections:  Unless one is an architect, engineer, or has worked in construction, the “going-ons” in the building of your home are a bit of a mystery, certainly as to whether the work is being done correctly.  We all like to see the progress of our houses being built, but seeing what has happened and knowing whether it has been done correctly, or is to your standards may not always be apparent.  Alpha will provide you a technical set of eyes with no conflicts of interest that a builder will have.  In-construction inspection is carried out to give the independent view of the inspector devoid of any responsibility in the process.  Projects like these are very flexible regarding the amount of time Alpha will spend on your projects ranging from a single final inspection to multiple inspections at pre-determined milestones during the construction of the home.
  • Commercial Property Inspections:  Alpha can also provide inspections of commercial property, including anything from warehouses to commercial buildings, and single unit/occupants, to multiple units/occupants.  Alpha can provide services from evaluating the property for a real estate transaction, to evaluating the property for potential contamination.

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